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How safe is doing the tattoo?

The tattoo is done in absolute sterility and only disposable supplies. All equipment is sterilized. Presence in the treatment rooms, only the replacement shoes or shoe covers. After each client in the study included quartz lamp that ensures the sterility of a premise.

How painful to do tattoos?

The soreness depends on the individual characteristics of the human body. In General, the procedure is considered to be painless, but if the tattoo is applied to the inner surface of the thighs, hands and places close to the bone, you will have to wait. If you are hesitant to make a tattoo because of the pain, don't worry, there are ointments relieve pain quickly allowing the scope of applying tattoo.

Аre there temporary tattoos?

Temporary tattoos do not exist! Practiced prints on the skin with henna, which hold no more than two weeks. If you offer this tattoo, then either you cheat, or "master" is so incompetent that he believes in their existence. No special paint, nor depth making pigment under the skin won't make temporary tattoos!

How long to heal a tattoo?

The healing time depends on the care, if you follow all the instructions in the wizard, the tattoo healed within seven days.

How much a tattoo costs?

Price is individual tattoos. It all depends on the complexity of the drawing area and the place where the tattoo will be made. Different masters have different criteria for the evaluation of its work: someone hourly fee, someone on the sessions. Cheaper or free is only relatives, acquaintances, neighbors or colleagues. As the master chooses. But if you are interested in, you liked his work and style, don't search cheaper than everywhere else-"greedy pays twice", but in this case, the second attempt will not, because make a tattoo is for life.